We're back but we're also moving forward. Let's take a look at what we're working on and what we are planning to add next.


We are currently looking into the following:

  • ERC1155: We only support ERC721 NFTs at the moment.
  • Multiple Marketplace: OpenSea is the sole marketplace that's supported by us. We are planning to add support for other marketplaces like LooksRare
  • More Collections: We look for trending and interesting collections to add. As we refine our logic for trending collections, we will use it to automatically add collections of interest as they are added. Eventually, we would like to have every collection in our system.
  • Crypto Currencies in Transactions: As we parse the transactions, in case a non-ETH currency (e.g. DAI, USDC) is used, we convert it to an equivalent value in ETH so we can show the sale value in ETH (and USD). We will update our system to highlight such cases and correctly show the original currency used.
  • NFTi 2.0: Our next goal for NFTi is to investigate blended models for more refined valuations as well as to build a platform for NFTi powered by the best ensemble of models, evaluated on an ongoing and per-collection basis.

On the Horizon

We have plans for even more, and below are some of the additions we will look into once our next immediate goals are achieved.

  • Beyond Ethereum: Support for NFTs from chains beyond the Ethereum network such as Solana and Polygon.  
  • More on Accounts: Currently we provide limited insights on accounts, however, we are planning to bring insights similar to that of Collections and Tokens' to Accounts as well. We will also look into ways to label accounts based on their behavioral pattern from bots and traders all the way to snipers and collectors!

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