New feature: Top Sales

New feature: Top Sales

A new week with a new feature integrated into our platform!

We're thrilled to introduce "Top Sales," a new way to browse what premium-priced NFTs were being sold over a chosen time frame.

This addition takes your browsing experience to the next level, allowing you to discover premium-priced NFTs and rare sales from collections with lower floor prices.

To access the new "Top Sales" feature, all you have to do is go to our app and tap the ''Discover'' option at the very top of the page, and then you will see the feature.


You may have discovered that there is not only the time-frame option but also a "Customize" option, which we eagerly advise you to explore for yourself.

Lastly, if you are one of our loyal users, you have by now noticed that the whole user interface has drastically changed.

More on that next week, though!

In Conclusion

As with any new release, we anticipate some issues and welcome your valuable feedback. We'll actively monitor our Twitter and Discord channels to address concerns promptly. If you haven't already, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord community! We're eager to hear your thoughts on this release and NFT valuations. 💜

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