Explore Our New Homepage

Explore Our New Homepage

A new week with a new update to our platform!

We have been working extremely hard to polish our homepage, and we hope you are as excited as we are to see it.

Here is a glance before diving in:


Now, let's explore the new additions on our homepage.

Feel free to follow along through our app as we explore these updates together.

The top of the homepage now consists of:

✅ Fear & Greed Index
✅ Profit and Losses
✅ Unique Traders

Fear & Greed Index:

This tool measures the current mood of the NFT market, ranging from 0 (Extreme Fear) to 100 (Extreme Greed), it is currently in an experimental state, and we are constantly iterating to refine it.

Profit and Losses:

We are showcasing the profit and loss profiles of NFT traders, offering insights into the financial outcomes of transactions within the NFT marketplaces. This highlights the dynamic nature of the NFT sector by reflecting the financial gains or losses experienced by its participants.

Unique Traders:

Additionally, the 'Unique Traders' feature tracks market activity, showing the number of buyers and sellers over selected periods. It also identifies top buyers and their purchase volumes, offering insights into NFT market trends and behaviors.

We understand that every degen out there wants to start their morning by checking the current 'Trending' collections and the performance of 'Top' collections, added!


Moving to the next section of our homepage, we feature 'Active Wallets', alongside 'Market Cap' and 'Collections Types by Market Cap'.

Our users should be familiar with the 'Market Cap' and 'Collections Types by Market Cap', as this is an old feature that was completely revamped for a better presentation of different infographics.

However, 'Active Wallets' is a chart that can be filtered through different time frames and represents the wallets holding certain NFTs from the collections supported by our platform. It shows whether wallets are now more active in trading or not active and holding on to their NFTs.

The next addition to our platform, 'Top Sales,' offers a quick glance at the highest-value NFT transactions and the accuracy of their value appraisal through NFTi.

Note: this will soon be adjusted to 'Notable Sales', we suggest you follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on our future blogs.


Lastly, we have 'Total Token Buyers' and 'Unique Mints'.

Total Token Buyers:

This metric represents the number of wallets purchasing NFTs across various time frames, serving as an indicator of the trading volume's distribution among participants.

Unique Mints:

Unique Mints demonstrates how many of the hosted collections on our platform are adding additional NFTs, imagine ongoing minting collections such as 'The Memes by 6529' or 'Meme Lab by 6529'.

In Conclusion

As with any new release, we anticipate some issues and welcome your valuable feedback. We'll actively monitor our Twitter and Discord channels to address concerns promptly. If you haven't already, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord community!

We're eager to hear your thoughts on this release and NFT valuations. 💜

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