Rarible Support

Rarible Support

We are delighted to announce our newest addition to the Web3 ecosystem with the integration of the Rarible marketplace!

This exciting update allows you to access detailed sales and event data from Rarible across all our supported collections, providing an even deeper understanding of the NFT market.

Why is This Integration Crucial?

The incorporation of Rarible marketplace data into our platform marks a pivotal enhancement for two main reasons:

  1. Comprehensive Market Insights: By integrating Rarible's marketplace data, we can offer a more expansive view of the NFT market.
  2. Enhanced Valuation Precision: Our platform utilizes a Machine Learning-based valuation model, known as NFTi, which relies on the comprehensive data available to assess collections accurately. The inclusion of Rarible, a platform known for its diverse user base and unique collections, enables our ML models to generate more accurate valuations.

How else does this enhance the user experience when using NFT Valuations?

Rarible exclusively features a selection of NFT collections unique to its platform, previously inaccessible to our users.

Now, when navigating through your personal wallet or exploring the holdings of your favorite whales, simply enter "Rarible" in the search bar to instantly reveal all their unique collections hosted on our platform.

Marketplace Support

Our platform proudly supports a comprehensive array of marketplaces, ensuring users have access to a vast and diverse range of NFT collections. Here is a list of all the supported marketplaces:

  1. Opensea
  2. Rarible
  3. LooksRare
  4. Blur
  5. X2Y2
  6. Foundation
  7. SuperRare
  8. Larva Labs

In Conclusion

As this is a new release, we expect some issues to arise as more people use it and give us feedback. We are going to be watching our Twitter and Discord so that we can address any problems immediately. If you have not already, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord! We'd love to hear your feedback about this release and NFT Valuations. 💜

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