X2Y2 Support

X2Y2 Support

We are thrilled to unveil our latest integration with the X2Y2 marketplace, further expanding our web3 ecosystem! With this update, you can now access sales and event data from X2Y2 across all our supported collections, offering a more comprehensive insight into the NFT market.

Why is This a Game-Changer?

This integration significantly enhances our platform in two ways:

  1. Comprehensive Market Overview: By incorporating X2Y2 marketplace data, we provide you with a broader perspective of the NFT market.
  2. Improved Valuation Accuracy: Our Machine Learning-based NFTi valuation model uses available data to evaluate collections. By including data from emerging marketplaces like X2Y2, which often offer lower fees, our ML models can produce more precise valuations. This is crucial, as the floor of a collection on X2Y2 tends to be lower compared to OpenSea.

Where Can I Find This Update?

We've meticulously designed this update to avoid disrupting your user experience. You'll continue to see activity from OpenSea, Looksrare, and future integrated marketplaces aggregated together in our existing stats and charts. To help you differentiate between marketplaces, we've added icons and links to the respective platforms in the Activity tables.

Addressing Wash Trades

As we integrate with X2Y2, we recognize the challenges posed by wash trades that occurred during the platform's early days. To prevent these "fake" sales from affecting our stats and valuations, we've implemented a solution to flag and exclude them. While these sales remain visible, our interface clearly identifies them as wash trades. Stay tuned for a detailed blog post on our wash trade flagging algorithm.

What's on the Horizon?

We're continuously improving our platform, and our current focus includes:

  1. Listings: We're in the process of adding NFT listings from X2Y2 to our platform.
  2. Additional Marketplaces: Expect announcements soon regarding new marketplace integrations, further enhancing data accuracy and quality.

In Conclusion

As with any new release, we anticipate some issues and welcome your valuable feedback. We'll be actively monitoring our Twitter and Discord channels to address concerns promptly. If you haven't already, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord community! We're eager to hear your thoughts on this release and NFT valuations. 💜

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