Weekly Digest (Week 9)

Weekly Digest (Week 9)

We hope you're having a great week. Every Friday, we publish a blog post that serves as an update and recap of the changes and additions we've made to our website throughout the week. In this post, we'll outline some of the smaller changes and bug fixes we've made, as well as any new features we've released. We'll also list all the new NFT collections we've added.

New Features

Collection Sales Chart
A new chart added to the Overview section of the collection pages outlines all the sales and price trends of the given collection.

Sales chart for VV Checks

Small Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Improved our algorithm for NFT rarity
  • Fixed bug where burnt NFTs were being considered towards property stats
  • Fixed bug with wallet connection

Collections Added

Twitter Threads

We post several threads analyzing different things happening in the NFT ecosystem. Here is a list of our threads from this week.

"Faces of Freedom" Mint from The memes by 6529
“The NFTimes Issue 1” Mint from Meme Lab
"EVOLUTION" Mint from The memes by 6529
"Calian" Mint from Art Blocks Curated
“PEPIANO” Mint from Meme Lab
"The Hamily WAGMI" Mint from The memes by 6529

Wrap Up

We're constantly working to improve our website and tools, and we're always looking for ways to serve our community better. We hope you find this weekly update helpful in keeping track of the changes and additions we've made.

As always, we're open to feedback and suggestions. If there's something you'd like to see on our website or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on Discord or Twitter.

We wish you a great weekend ahead!

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