Weekly Digest (Week 6)

Weekly Digest (Week 6)

We hope you're having a great week. Every Friday, we publish a blog post that serves as an update and recap of the changes and additions we've made to our website throughout the week. (Yes, we're late this week 😔) In this post, we'll outline some of the smaller changes and bug fixes we've made, as well as any new features we've released. We'll also list all the new NFT collections we've added to our website for this week.

New Features

Approval Tracking
This week we launched our support for approval activities. This represents the on-chain approvals made by wallets to other wallets or contracts. Approvals can be made for a whole NFT collection or specific NFTs. Typically, marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare, require you to make a collection-level approval to list your items.

Being able to see when approvals were made and taken away (disapproval) can be useful both for:

  1. Traders: It is a good indicator of someone planning to list an NFT
  2. Us: It helps us have a more accurate record of active listings. When someone removes approval for a collection, all listings for that collection can no longer be executed, so we can use these events to inactivate affected listings in real time. 🔥

You can see these new activities on the collection, account, and token pages.

Small Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Activity: Inactivated listings now show the reason they are inactivated on hover
  • Fixed LooksRare sale data missing for some collections
  • Fixed collection charts showing wrong USD conversion rates
  • Fixed owner charts not excluding burned NFTs

Collections Added

RENGA Black Box
The information in these boxes is necessary to comprehend RENGA Factory's past, present, and future. Each box serves as a gateway to an undiscovered archetype from a different universe. To activate the gateway and bring your character forward, use this box. Warning: proceed with extreme care.

Jenkins The Valet
A group of 6942 NFTs known as Jenkins the Valet's Writer's Room enable members-only Web3 authorized access to a portal where they may exercise voting and creative control over the stories that shape the metaverse. You have the ability to license characters to tales, decide on the strategic and artistic direction of what is generated, and be acknowledged as an author and creator in each piece of work that is produced thanks to the 6942 NFTs that serve as passes to the Writer's Room.

Lil Pudgys
The 22,222 NFTs that make up Lil Pudgys come from Pudgy Penguins. Don't be fooled by their little size; Lil Pudgys have played a significant role in Pudgy Penguins history. The beginning of their narrative took place in the deepest winter. The birth of the Lil Pudgys gave the Pudgy Penguins community new vitality in the face of hardship. There is a Lil Pudgy for everyone thanks to their distinctive qualities and personalities. Holders of Lil Pudgy get special access to experiences, events, chances for IP licensing, and more.

CryptoArt by XCOPY. Warning: flashing imagery.

Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory - Mars Rocks
Rocket Factory employees participated in the mission to mine martian rocks. The Mars Rock NFT Collection's ultimate rarity was determined by Rocket NFT and Test Flight Crew Patch Holders, who were also in charge of delivering the Collection back to Earth. Thomas Sachs We employ NFTs to create new NFTs at Rocket Factory, a trans-dimensional manufacturing facility. To create a finished rocket NFT, you must collect all three components—the nose cone, body, and tail assembly—in your rocket factory hangar.

OSF Editions
ERC1155 editions by OSF.

Doodles Genesis Box
A unique collection of clothing and accessories is contained in a doodley box of wearables for Doodles 2's Genesis version.

DigiDaigaku Spirits
The spirits from the Official DigiDaigaku Genesis Compilation are included in this collection.


Shilly: The Access Passes
Libra by Cooper Jamieson
Landscape with Carbon Capture by zancan
Kitaro World Official
GM GN Industries by Degen Toonz
Quirkies Originals
FTC Official
Cel Mates Crime Reports
Castaways - The Raft

Wrap Up

We're constantly working to improve our website and tools, and we're always looking for ways to serve our community better. We hope you find this weekly update helpful in keeping track of the changes and additions we've made.

As always, we're open to feedback and suggestions. If there's something you'd like to see on our website or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on Discord or Twitter.

We wish you a great weekend!

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