Technical Status Update 1

We will continuously release updates on site and model changes.

Release 0.101

We had a release today to make two UX improvements

1) When you filter punks by trait, the URLs are now human-readable

Here are, for example, all Hoodies with Big Shades Shades

2) We have made the traits clickable on this page for convenience

Release 0.101 (upcoming)

We hope in the next day or two to release some significant improvements to the punk profile pages.  We are pretty excited about this and look forward to showing you all.

Valuation Model - Temporarily Frozen

Sharp-eyed viewers might have notice that the valuation model has not updated in a day.  The reason is we are automating our update pipeline which is a necessary step for the site to function smoothly.

Please bear with us - we realize the the valuations of the floor punks are currently overstated given the recent dumping - and we hope to have the updated values out on the site soon.

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