NFT Valuations' 3rd Birthday 🥳

NFT Valuations' 3rd Birthday 🥳

Time flies so fast within the Web3 space that a week can feel like an eternity.

But today, we have officially turned three years old, with many accomplishments and progress throughout the years. As we look back on the incredible three years behind us, we thought we would use this opportunity to take you through the current state and future of NFT Valuations.

What is our mission?

The main goal has always been to develop a strong and reliable approach for determining the market capitalization of NFTs.

We achieve this through our valuation model, NFTi, which accurately predicts the valuation of specific non-fungible tokens.

Thus, we can value specific ecosystems and provide our users with data they can rely on.

Over the last 3 years, we have experienced both a bear and a bull market.

However, we are still on the trajectory of mass acceptance and adoption of digital assets.

Why is it important?

Find out how NFT Valuations is shaping the future of digital assets.

Driving the NFT Revolution

Our current valuation of the Ethereum NFT market stands at 4.7M ETH, equivalent to $14 billion. As the NFT sector grows, it's set to change the art and collectibles markets and expand into real-world assets. Our precise valuations empower users to engage confidently with this market.

Paving the Way for Mainstream Adoption

By the decade’s end, the NFT market is expected to soar to trillions. Our valuation methods are essential for participants in this digital revolution, from individual collectors to large-scale investors.

Synergizing with DeFi

Our valuations support innovative DeFi projects, facilitating new financial products that leverage NFTs as collateral, lending, and more. This integration is crucial, enabling further value and opportunities within both ecosystems.

We already see several DeFi projects on the rise encompassing NFTs:

  1. SharkyFi
  2. Wasabi Protocol
  3. NFTfi

Guiding the Future

We're more than just observers; we're pioneers guiding users through the evolving complexities of the NFT market with advanced tools and data.

Who is NFT Valuations for?

AI-powered valuations are the core of our product and what our platform is built on top of. Whether you’re diving in for the first time or you're a seasoned pro, our platform caters to the dynamism and diversity of all participants in the NFT ecosystem:

✅ Investors and Traders: Get ahead of the curve with real-time valuations and market trends that empower your trading decisions. Experience exceptional depth in market analysis, propelling your investment strategies to new levels.

✅ Collectors: Discover hidden gems and track your favorite collections with precise analytics tailored to enhance your collecting journey. Our detailed historical data and valuations help refine your acquisition and sales strategies.

✅ Funds and DAOs: Leverage institutional-level portfolio management and reporting tools designed for high-volume, high-stakes operations. Make informed decisions with comprehensive market insights that support your investment thesis and governance.

✅ Financial Analysts and Advisors: Equip yourself with cutting-edge tools that transform complex data into actionable insights. Stay at the forefront of the NFT market trends to provide your clients with informed, strategic advice.

✅ Creators and Artists: Tap into the market with tools that track and analyze the performance of your work. Gain clarity on how your work is valued, helping you make strategic choices about where to direct your attention.

✅ Venture Capitalists: Access a broad spectrum of NFT data and trends to identify early investment opportunities in the most promising and innovative projects. Our platform serves as your radar for spotting trends before they go mainstream.

✅ And You! Whether you’re a hobbyist, a digital explorer, or a professional looking to integrate NFTs into your business, NFT Valuations is your gateway to the NFT market. Don’t just watch the future unfold—shape it with us!

Product Highlight

Our platform isn’t just about data—it’s about delivering experiences that transform curiosity into knowledge and knowledge into action. From experimental indexes like Fear and Greed to comprehensive features like Trending Collections and Unique Mints, every tool we offer is designed to empower your decision-making.

Here's a glimpse of what sets us apart:

  1. Accurate Valuations
  2. Institutional-level Portfolio Management & Reporting
  3. Complete historical data
  4. Fear and Greed Index (experimental)
  5. Profit and Losses
  6. Unique Traders
  7. Trending and Top Collections
  8. Top Sales
  9. NFT Universes

And we are nowhere near done! 🔥

Collections Supported

The collections added to our platform undergo a process of evaluation before being included.

Nevertheless, we now host over 3,200 of them, with different categories:

✅ Generative collections - 1,052
✅ PFP collections - 860
✅ Art collections - 646
✅ Other collections - 504
✅ Photography - 122
✅ Metaverse Land collections - 47

Marketplace Support

Our platform supports all major marketplaces, providing users access to a wide and varied assortment of NFT collection data coupled with aggregate insights of the whole market.

The current list of supporter marketplaces includes;

Opensea, CryptoPunks, Blur, Magic Eden, LooksRare, X2Y2, Foundation, SuperRare, Rarible, and Meebits!

What's next?

As we continue to push forward and innovate, here are a few exciting projects on our roadmap:

  1. More Chains: It's time to outgrow Ethereum!
  2. Ecosystem Heatmap: Identify hotspots and trends at a glance
  3. Notable NFT Sales: Highlight significant sales
  4. Artists Profiles: Provide deeper insights into creators behind our beloved NFTs

In Conclusion

It has been an incredible three years, consistently delivering new features, iterations, and regular updates. We are grateful to those who supported us on this journey!

The future of the NFT sector is on the right path towards mass adoption, and we are pleased to contribute to its exponential growth.

Stay Ahead: Don’t miss out on the action. Connect with us, dive into the data, and start shaping your NFT journey with the most robust tools at your fingertips!

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