Explore Our New Seamless User Interface

Explore Our New Seamless User Interface

We're thrilled to present our new user interface, with a revamped 'Collections' feature and an upgraded 'Wallet Profile' to enhance user engagement.

The Collections

The 'Collections' tab offers a detailed exploration of specific collections, providing insights that complement the snippet view available in the 'Market' tab.

However, the magic starts when you decide to explore a certain collection of your choice!

The experience has been entirely transformed compared to the previous version, offering a broader array of filtering options and a superior design throughout.

This is what the 'NFTs' option will now present:

The 'Analytics' option within your collection of choice now features a more comprehensive set of information, seamlessly integrated into a flawless design for easy access to all the data you require.

Watch a short overview:


The 'Activity' option hosts an eye-catching layout and is well-organized, complete with a 'Live Update' feature for real-time information.

You will also be presented with 'Types' and 'Customize' sorting that we encourage you to explore.

The 'Owners' option is straightforward, you can also create different views through the 'Customize' button which includes filters such as:

  • ✅ Wallets
  • ✅ NFTs
  • ✅ NFTi
  • ✅ Adjusted Floor
  • ✅ Last Active

The 'Properties' option has been presented in a visually pleasing manner where you have the choice to have them in a list form or image form along with the 'Rarity' filter.

Watch a short overview:


The Wallet Profile

In order to access your wallet profile you will need to go to our app and connect your wallet through the top right-hand side corner to access this feature.

We've fine-tuned the 'Wallet Profile' with some thoughtful adjustments. While the 'Overview' option retains its familiar layout, the 'NFTs' and 'Activity' options have been enhanced with a sleek new look for a more engaging experience.

Substantial updates have been made to the 'NFTs' option, incorporating new functionalities and an aesthetic refresh. Discover advanced sorting, a new rarities feature, updated pricing options, and viewing arrangements of your NFTs.

Lastly, the 'Activity' option has been updated to offer you a detailed view of all transactions associated with the specified wallet. This feature now includes the ability to select from various 'Marketplaces' filters, coupled with an extensive 'Customize' filter for a more tailored experience.

In Conclusion

As with any new release, we anticipate some issues and welcome your valuable feedback. We'll actively monitor our Twitter and Discord channels to promptly address concerns. If you haven't already, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord community! We're eager to hear your thoughts on this release and NFT valuations. 💜

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