Introduction To Universes

Introduction To Universes

A new week with a new update to our platform!

We proudly present a new feature on the ''Discover'' page called ''Universes''.

Have you ever been browsing on any NFT-related platform and wondered, 'What are all the collections under the Yuga Labs belt?'

This is exactly why we created this feature, hop onto our app and give this feature an exploration.



Be sure to click on the number of collections under a specific universe to access the ecosystem.

In total we have created 118 Universes, which will include your favorite ecosystems:

• Yuga Labs
• Chiru Labs
• 9GAG
• DeLabs
• Doodles
• 6529
• CyberKongz

And many many more!

As previously mentioned, we are aware that NFT-related platforms do not indicate which collections belong to the same ecosystem, which prompted the creation of this feature.

Currently, we are developing a similar feature for artists, but more on that another time.

In Conclusion

As this is a new release, we expect some issues to arise as more people use it and give us feedback. We are going to be watching our Twitter and Discord so that we can address any problems immediately. If you have not already, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord! We'd love to hear your feedback about this release and NFT Valuations. 💜

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