Activity Upgrade 🔥

Activity Upgrade 🔥

Today we have officially launched a significant upgrade to our activity feature.

What is the activity feature?

Activity is a table that shows different actions performed for;

  1. Collections
  2. Individual NFTs
  3. Wallets
  4. Groups (Portfolio Management)

This is similar to what you have on marketplaces such as OpenSea, which shows the history of a token/collection/wallet. We started with a basic activity which showed Mint, Sale, Transfer, and Contract Interaction. However, this was far from a full view of the different actions performed.

The Upgrade

We are now indexing on-chain and off-chain activities in near-real-time to provide a more complete view of the true activity. This allows us to give much more detail about a particular NFT/Collection/Wallet/Group history.

✨New Activity Types

  • Airdrop
  • Listing
  • Private Listing
  • Private Sale
  • Burn

So what exactly are all these activity types? Let's dive deeper.


A token that is minted into a wallet from a different wallet is considered an airdrop. So if the address that receives the newly minted NFT is not the same address that executed the mint transaction, we mark it as an Airdrop.

This will make it easy to distinguish true mints vs ones that may be done without the permission of the wallet owner.


Whenever an NFT is listed for sale on a supported marketplace, we will record this with relevant information such as the listing price, expiry, and marketplace and show it on activity.

🤝Private Listing

A private listing is a listing only a certain address can fill, as opposed to a regular listing that allows anyone to fill.

Private listings could be used to artificially create a very high (or low) sale for an NFT, which could be misleading. Therefore, it is important to differentiate a normal listing from a private listing since the price of a private listing might not represent the market price.

🛒Private Sale

A private sale activity indicates that a private listing was filled. For the same reason as private listings, it is important to differentiate a normal sale from a private sale.


When an NFT is transferred to the null address (0x000...000), it is considered a burn.

This activity will also exclude the token from being considered towards the collection's statistics as it is considered non-existent.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback & suggestions. Feel free to reach out to us via Twitter or Discord! 💜

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