1K Collections - Company Update

1K Collections - Company Update

We have just surpassed 1,000 collections supported! 🍾

This is a great opportunity to reflect on the past few months and update you on everything NFT Valuations. The last time I posted a similar update was on August 22; a lot has changed since then!

What's New

First of all, let's jump into what we have shipped since then πŸš€

ERC-1155 NFTs

We added support for ERC-1155 NFTs, allowing us to import many more collections, such as Curio Cards and The Memes by 6529

Screenshot of The Memes by 6529 collection on NFT Valuations


Added support for LooksRare marketplace, allowing us to record sales and other activities to provide more comprehensive market coverage.


Our activity feature has gone through numerous updates throughout the past months. The first release was a simple feed showing Sales & Listings only, which has now evolved to 10 different activity types.

We also added a live-feed functionality which automatically updates without the need to refresh. This update also had some performance improvements on the loading times.

Our activity feed has become a powerful feature giving very good insight into what is happening with a collection, NFT, wallet, or portfolio.

Screenshot of Bored Ape Yacht Club activity tab on NFT Valuations

Improved Valuation Models

Several valuation quality improvements have been made by ensuring data consistency and by applying different modelling β€œtricks”

  • Added windowing functions to penalize the influence of older sales
  • Support for ERC-1155 collections
  • Token rarity re-calculation when token burns/additions/metadata changes are recorded
  • Auto-elimination of factors not contributing to valuation quality
  • Addition of confidence intervals, i.e. minimum & maximum price we think a token is worth
  • Increase in valuation generation speed, now with hourly updates
  • Improved token groupings (for 1/1s and super unique items generally)

Historical NFTi valuations

A separate development branch was created towards this, which handles the following:

  • Dynamically eliminate non-relevant factors based on the time period they are used
  • Added a parallelization level, now at the date level to boost valuation speed
  • Re-organization of components due to the new parallelization hierarchy and the exclusion of non-necessary components

Upcoming improvements to these include the correct handling of rarity re-calculation for past tokens (a) burns, (b) additions and (c) metadata changes.

Aggregator Support

We added support for NFT aggregators like Gem and Blur so that we can record events from supported marketplaces across platforms.

Screenshot of a sales through aggregator being recorded on NFT Valuations

Gas price indicator

We updated the activity feature to show the transaction fee paid for every on-chain activity.

We fully revamped our site-wide search to allow for searching collections, accounts, and NFTs from a single place.

Sales Chart

A new chart was recently added to the collection and NFT pages showing all sales for the selected period. This chart is useful for viewing the price trend of a collection or NFT.

Token Active Listings

We added a table to the NFT page to show a list of all the active listings for the NFT.

What we Promised

In our last update, we promised

And we have delivered on all.

βœ… We have added 600 more collections
βœ… 1155s, Metaverse and Gaming NFTs added. (1/1s are next πŸ‘€)
βœ… We added support for LooksRare last month. X2Y2 and Blur *very* soon!
βœ… We have drastically improved our ML valuation model and started valuing historically
βœ… We updated our portfolio management tool earlier this year. A new *notable* update coming very soon!


βœ… Events and Listings recorded within <10 seconds (Down from 15+ minutes)
βœ… Sales via aggregators have correct values
βœ… More accurate exchange rates
βœ… Block reorganizations handled
βœ… Faster chart, collection import, and website

What's Next

🟩 More marketplace support
🟩 1/1 NFTs (Sorry, we have neglected you for too long)
🟩 P&L stats!
🟩 Advanced reporting of NFTs
🟩 Portfolio management supercharged by our NFTi


I want to conclude by thanking our amazing advisory board for their valuable feedback and insight.

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